David Stewart had a beginning in Corporate America as a welder, a machinist, a supervisor, a product manager and an upper level manager. He is also educated as a Fine Arts Photographer and a writer.
Ad Cat Media formed in January 2007. Initially, the emphasis of the company was on marketing with a focus on email marketing, blogging, and other writing services for clients.
The addition of photographic services came about because clients needed marketing photography for their products and their projects.
In 2017, Ad Cat Media, as an early adapter of new technology, added a specialized photographic service; immersive, multi-dimensional (3D) photography including virtual reality.
Ad Cat Media is able to utilize writing and photographic skills to produce marketing content including social media and hard-copy marketing materials.
Today, Ad Cat Media counts among its clients for both pictures and words companies in real estate, architecture, construction, interior design, staging, renovation, trades and manufacturing.
For recent examples of words and pictures used creatively to market Ad Cat Media's clients' products and services, send us your contact information below. We'll reach out to you.
Or contact us directly using the email and phone number provided. / (502) 235-1628